the art of kristafer anka.
calarts grad and an artist for marvel comics

Spiral Time!

Okay, the pitch was that she is sort of an LA clubber drug dealer badass chick. The way I sort of pictured it was this really stiff leather clad chick in the back of the club, too cool for the masses, and they are all looking to her in envy. And the fur boots, obviously. that was a must. Along with mermaid hair, and raccoon make-up. 

1. So my first stab at her costume. Ive never drawn Spiral in my life, so it was fairly interesting. One thing I attempted was to have subtle changes to the sleeves to easily differentiate between them. I didn’t just want 6 identical arms. I also tried to keep the blue from the original costume, a throwback.

2. This is pretty much the costume that we went with. The only change they wanted from here was to close up the belly. I also was trying to add an interesting fur pattern for the boots. Something not so bulky as just fur everywhere. Add a bit of style to it.

3. I went more upper body heavy with the costume. Make her seem like a super tall imposing woman. 

4. Just another attempt. More of a simpler top.

5. More elegant this time. Like a queen. 

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