"cross uncle. Draw mutNt. Facial hair" - kate leth

So the infamous Puck. 

Puck, Puck, Puck.

it was commanded that I get rid of all the corny from this character. The big P, and the exposed thighs, gone. The skullcap? potentially gone, lets see what happens.

The pitch was to think of him as a short indiana jones. Badass, but not a total nutcase like wolverine, but a lot of suave ladies man. He needs to look like he can be outside in the wilderness and with superheroes equally. 

1. So first up. I didn’t really have any Idea where I was going to go. Just tried something that fit in with the motif of the other heroes.

2. Tried something with the skullcap re-integrated. 

3. I always pictured Puck being tossed in the air, wolverine meets cannonball. well i figured goggles would make sense on him. As for the design, this was the one that was picked, but with a lot of tweaks as youll see.

4. So with this, I said fuck it, make him hardcore and go topless. Nothing more intense than a topless dude running at you through the snow. I also tried the walter white goatee to add to the badassness.

5. So the notes I got back from the 3rd option was that they wanted him to be in more out-doorsy. Sort of military clothes meets sportsy. But they felt this looked too biker

6. Another step toward the final. I thought to add a wifebeater ala wolverine, but we decided with a plain white T in the end. 

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    I have always loved Puck, right from his very first appearance — and his spotlight issue a few issues later made me a...
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    I will not miss the hairy thighs. Even Byrne redesigned the costume so he wouldn’t have to draw the hairy little...
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