"cross uncle. Draw mutNt. Facial hair" - kate leth

And finally, probably the most popular, and my favourite, of all my X-force designs: Storm.

The prompt with her was a subtle one. Sam dictated that he wanted her to both have the regal-ness that we’ve known her as but because of her recent divorce, showcase the turmoil in her life and that at one point she was the rebel of the team. Not only is she a queen and a goddess, but she is punk rock. I must be honest, I never grew up with Mohawk storm, so that whole era is unfamiliar to me. My first introduction of storm is the Jim lee white costume. So what I more thought to do was capture the badassness that a queen could have, and have the punk rock show through personality.

1. With this design I was getting used to the character. There wasn’t much that went into this except for it being my interpretation of a Storm costume, with just some of my bells and whistles. Although it doesn’t really show here, I tried to go with a more subtle storm cape, but two giant yellow pieces of fabric aren’t very subtle. Hey I’m trying shit out.

2. This is almost the exact costume that was used for the final. I wanted a more sport conservative look. More stream lined. Strong slender, tall silhouette. I thought maybe a ponytail might be more practical for this line of work.

3. My terrible pass at a punk storm. Only thing of note about this one was this is Sam locked onto the mohawk and fought for it. 

4. Tried a different form of punk. I took the mohawk idea and went a little more modern with it. Looking back at this now this is way too similar to the look and vibe of the modern Frenzy. 

5. Retained a more conservative body suit look, no capes or flowing, but I did go nuts on the awesome storm hair.

6. So after I sent it in what was chosen was the costume from 2, but the capes from 1. I mocked that up, and figured out something for the back. But I didn’t feel the capes worked in this context, so I fought for the dress thing from the 2nd design.

7. Sam won with the Mohawk. We got the go to include it, and I got the go to use the dress. Also simplified the back just a tiny bit. This was the version I would have wanted to stop at, but Nick wanted her to have a bit more of a graphic flare when she was flying, so we attached the dress pieces to her arms to allow them to open up when she is riding the wind. 

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