"cross uncle. Draw mutNt. Facial hair" - kate leth


The most upsetting part of the comments artist Kristafer Anka thought necessary to include beneath his Sif art?

He is an artist employed by Marvel.

And he is publicly perpetuating the misogynistic bullshit that is pitting women against one another.

so i tried to explain my comment back in the sif post. 

im not trying to perpetuate any sort of anti-woman message and my criticisms of the character have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the character is a female.

I agree I said it rather bluntly without any sort of reasoning, and for that I apologize. I was also never trying to pit women again women. I just wasn’t much a fan for the character. Believe me, I have far more problems with Nick Fury, Hawkeye and loki then i do with any of the females. I think they have all been exceptional additions to the movie universe.¬†